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Top Apps for Mountain Biking

Thursday, 11 August 2016

This is an article by Helen Traynor

Anyone whose idea of fun involves clocking up the kilometres while cycling up a vertiginous mountain knows that one of the best parts of the ride, is making it to the top, stopping for a rest and pulling out our smartphone or mini tablet to celebrate our achievements, listen to our favourite tune or record a Vine or Snapchat vid. If you are one of those brave techie lovers who can’t go anywhere without your phone or tablet, who doesn’t fear losing their device or who simply needs music to make the most of their experience in the Great Outdoors, then get your hands on these cool Apps:

  • Dirt School Mountain Bike Coaching: This App comes at a small price but is worth every dollar. It offers everything you need to coach yourself, with a library of 11 mountain bike techniques to learn. Watch videos of the right technique to employ, and spot the most common errors committed. Film yourself and compare your riding to the App’s riders and learn to identify any mistakes you may be making. Each lesson includes information on where to practice, how each technique should feel and how it shouldn’t feel. The App was created in 2007 by Chris Ball, a keen mountain biker and head of the Enduro Mountain Bike Association.
  • GoPro: This camera’s mobile app connects the device to your camera, enabling you to snap the perfect shot, with the right angle and light, every time. A handy ‘Highlight Tag’ allows you to mark important moments while you are recording; view these tags later in your camera roll to playback the best parts of your day. The App is also compatible with the Apple Watch, permitting you to use your watch to frame the perfect pic.
  • Shred! Downhill Mountain Biking: Consider this the ideal App for the days when you can’t actually get on your bike because of an injury or bad weather. Hailed as the coolest mountain biking game on the planet, it seeks to mimic the intensity and flow of downhill and freeride mountain biking (we know nothing beats the real thing but at least this App invites you to dream you are actually in the midst of rolling hills and vertiginous peaks). The game comprises over 30 different mountain biking courses, with every inch of trail designed to get your adrenalin flowing. Awesome 3D graphics, brutal crashes and fun bonus levels will keep you hooked for hours.
  • Easy Bike Repair: This App provides simple instructions on how to repair and maintain your bike, also offering 26 examples of problems and solutions. If you bike alone on some days, then you know the importance of fixing your own problems, especially when damage to your bike occurs at the top of a mountain. Another good App to download for this purpose is Feedback Sports Bicycle Maintenance Tracker – it doesn’t actually provide tips on how to fix problems, but it serves as a log of all the maintenance work you have carried out on your bike. It records how much you paid for equipment, when you last changed your tyres or how long ago you purchased that new chain.
  • Map My Ride: Few things are quite as frustrating as discovering an amazing track, only to forget where it is the next time you go for a ride. This App tracks route, elevation, speed etc. with the help of a GPS; it is great for accurate tracking and for analysing the routes you have completed.
  • Strava GPS: This App is ideal for sociable riders who are up for community challenges, and those who like to try routes discovered by others. Track your own ride via GPS, share photos of some of the most beautiful secret spots you have discovered and follow friends and receive information on the routes they have completed.
  • Bikemap – Your bike routes: This is ideal for those who like to discover new areas and even new countries! The App contains hundreds of thousands of killer mountain biking routes across the globe, with an interactive, real-time map providing reliable descriptions. You will always know how long and challenging the route is, and because there are so many available, it is easy to find one that matches your skill and confidence. Either use the routes provided, or upload exciting new routes you have discovered.